Merit Packaging Ltd



We take pride in the strong personal commitment shown by our people and their excellent achievements which is the outcome of that commitment. But this level of cooperation is achieved only in a climate of trust and mutual respect. Our dealings with our fellow employees, directors, managers, supervisors or subordinates ― are conducted as with partners, wherein an individual’s behavior is governed by an overriding commitment to the Company’s success.

Our relationship with our fellow Company employees is as members of a winning team. No individual can let his / her own priorities supersede those of the Company.

The Company’s commitment to “care“for people is manifested in the workplace through a variety of programs designed to promote and reward individual and team achievements. We encourage them to advance as far as they can to make a meaningful contribution to the success of the Company.


We strive to adhere to the Company’s guidelines and objectives and to give our best efforts to improve its performance. We recognize the trust and confidence placed in us and we act with integrity and honesty in all situations to preserve that trust and confidence. Thus we avoid conflicts of interest and other situations that are potentially harmful to the progress of the Company.

The results of operations and the financial position of our Company are recorded in accordance with the provisions of the law and International Financial Reporting Standards and other regulations as specified from time to time by the regulatory authorities and professional bodies. It is Company’s policy as well as requirement of law, to maintain books, records and accounts in reasonable detail accurately and fairly, to reflect the business transactions and disposition of assets of the Company.

Company’s  assets,  facilities  or  services  are  used  only  for  lawful,  proper  and  authorised purposes. Obviously, the theft of money, property or services is strictly prohibited. The company’s equipment, systems, facilities and supplies are used only for conducting the Company’s business or for purposes authorised by the management.

Company’s technological resources, including Company’s computers, voicemail, e-mail and internet access are used in a manner consistent with the code and all other Company guidelines including those related to discrimination, harassment and intellectual property. Furthermore, as with all the Company’s assets, these resources are to be used only for proper purposes.


Each of us is responsible for how we are perceived by suppliers, customers and clients. It is essential that we maintain our reputation for honesty and fair dealing with these groups.

Our aim in conducting our purchasing operations is to ensure continuing, reliable sources of supply. Honest dealing with customers, suppliers and clients is essential to sound lasting relationships. Thus we view our suppliers, customers and clients as partners and expect them to make a reasonable profit.

We respect the patents, trademarks and copyrights of others. It is the Company’s policy not to knowingly infringe these intellectual property rights of others.

It is also the Company’s policy to respect the trade secrets and proprietary information of others. This is particularly pertinent if we have knowledge of trade secrets and proprietary information of a former employer. If any question should arise in this area, we would consult our unit’s legal counsel or the Patent Department.


Our reputation has been built upon the quality and safety of our products. Our commitment to quality and safety is essential to the continued growth and success of our Company.

We are committed to ensuring that consumers can continue to trust the Company’s products for their reliability, quality and superior performance.

The products sold by the Company must not only meet all safety standards set by law but should also conform to more stringent Company standards.

We participate in programs to provide prompt assistance to consumers in case of product tampering or misuse. Health, safety and well-being of our customers are of paramount concern to us.

As we provide services to the manufacturers of consumer products, our success will ultimately depend on consumer satisfaction, trust and goodwill. We can best achieve our objectives by looking after the needs of our customers on a consistent basis.

One of the most important aspects of our business is honest promotion of our business activities.


The Company supports free enterprise and a competitive market system. The Company policy is to comply fully with all applicable laws irrespective of the extent to which they are enforced. The Company co-operates fully with all governmental and regulatory bodies and is committed to high standards of corporate governance. We appreciate that penalty for non-compliance can be severe and can involve criminal offences.


The company strives to be a contributing member of the global community. We are citizens of each  locality  where  we  operate  and,  like  individual  citizens,  have  civic  responsibilities to support the health, the education and the welfare of the community.

It is our goal to take part in projects to further the welfare of the community. Such projects include participating in charitable drives and assuming responsibility for aiding the poor, injured and homeless at the time of national disaster.

Our primary focus is on young people. The Company believes that investments made in children today will benefit all of us tomorrow. That is why the Company sponsors athletic competitions and  other  youth  activities.  These  efforts  foster  in  youth  a  spirit  of  competition  and achievement.

The Company opposes the illegal use of child labour, the exploitation of children and all other forms of unacceptable treatment of workers.

The Company is committed to respect human rights. To that end, the Company practices and seeks to work with business partners who promote following standards:

-   Equal opportunity for employees at all levels with respect to issues such as color, race, gender, age, ethnicity or religious beliefs;

-   A safe and healthy workplace protecting human health and the environment;

-   Paying employees wages which enable them to meet at least their basic needs and providing employees the opportunity to improve their skills and capabilities;

-   Respecting employees’ freedom of association; and

-   Working with  governments and  communities in  which  we  do  business, to  improve the educational, cultural, economic and social well-being in these communities.


Protecting the world in which we live is a vital concern and a continuing commitment. The Company is dedicated to contribute to the overall quality of life. We recognize and constantly reaffirm the value of a healthy and a clean environment.

-   We  are  committed to  reducing  waste  and  minimizing the  impact  of  our  products  and packaging on the environment. We are dedicated to source reduction, recycling and other responsible methods of waste management.

-   We are committed to manufacturing; packaging and selling quality products that meet or exceed health and safety rules and regulations. We will continue to improve our products and packaging and invest in innovations that protect the environment.

-  We are committed to operating our facilities safely and in a manner that is sensitive to employee and community conditions. We will look ahead to improvements in our facilities and processes to further protect the environment.

-   We will make environmental issues and concerns an integral part of our business decisions and transactions.


We strive to serve the best interests of our shareholders to provide consistent growth and a fair rate of return on their investment, to maintain our position and reputation as a leading company, to protect shareholder investments and to provide full and timely information. By conducting our business in accordance with the principles of fairness, decency and integrity set forth here, we help to build shareholder value.


In accepting employment with the Company, each of us becomes accountable for compliance with this code of conduct, with all laws and regulations.

Managers are responsible for communicating these standards to employees, for ensuring that they understand and abide by them, and for creating a climate where employees can discuss ethical and legal issues freely.