Inspection Of Raw Materials

In-process Inspection

Inspection Of Finished Goods

  1. IGT Pick Velocity Tester: (Holland) is meant to check the surface strength of board to ensure smooth running on high speed printing lines as well as customer’s fast packing lines.
  2. IGT Inks Tester for Offset Inks: (Holland) helps to make out color strips of oil based offset inks to test color geometry through Spectro Eye.
  3. Rk-Print Proofer for Gravure Inks: (UK) helps to make out color strips of solvent based Gravure inks for testing of color geometry through Spectro Eye.
  4. K-Hand coater: (UK) is used for testing of Inks, Coatings for comparison of samples with approved shade cards.
  5. Blocking Tester: (UK) helps to check adhesion properties of Oil and Solvent based inks.
  6. COF tester ( CHINA ) – To check coefficient of friction of flexible films.
  7. Tensile tester ( CHINA ) – To check tensile strength of flexible films.
  8. Heat Sealing Machine ( GERMAN ) – To check heat sealing strength of flexible films.
    1. X-Rite Spectrophotometer ( UK ) determines LabCH and values to ensure that colors of printed material match with the customer approved shade cards.
    2. Paper Moisture Tester: (Japan) helps in determining the desired moisture level in paper and paperboard for quality printing and smooth run-ability on the machines.
    3. Rub Proof Tester: (UK) helps in checking the quality of coatings and rub properties of Offset inks.
    4. NOVO Gloss meter ( UK ) aids in determining the gloss level of printed folding cartons.
    5. Axicon Verifier: (Bar Code Verifier)(UK) helps in determining the bar code readability.
    6. OTR (China) To test flexible film’s Oxygen transmission rate.
    7. WVTR (China) To test flexible film’s Water Vapor transmission rate.
    1. TMI Crease tester (USA) The equipment is used to check crease bend resistance of folding cartons which run on the customers fast packing lines.
    2. Coefficient of Friction tester: (China) checks the static and kinetic friction of printed materials.
    3. Heat Sealing Machine: (Germany) helps in determining the sealing properties of flexible packaging material.