Vision and Mission Statement

Merit Packaging Limited remains a frontline printing and packaging company in the country catering to the varied requirements of renowned national and multinational companies.

Our Mission Is To:

We shall accomplish our mission in the following manner:


We would continue to focus our attention on our customers by understanding and assessing their present and future needs and providing them maximum satisfaction through excellent quality, right prices and in time delivery.


Our products shall continue to remain exceptionally good and should serve as a bench mark of quality.


We would continue to treat our suppliers as partners and work hand in hand with them to seek continuous improvement in the quality of inputs and services. This kind of relationship is to our mutual advantage and benefits.


We would ensure safety and health of our employees through better environmental conditions at our work place and would continue to treat them as our greatest source of strength. Their vitality, motivation level, commitment to job, professional skills and expertise will always play a significant role in our success. We would continue to take care of our people and respect their dignity and would endeavor to improve the prevailing positive culture that encourages and appreciates teamwork and individual’s ingenuity. The environment shall provide continuous learning opportunities for the employees to grow and to work for the ultimate benefit of the organization.


We would remain deeply conscious of our responsibilities towards our shareholders and shall conduct the company operations prudently to maximize profitability and organizational growth and to ensure adequate long term investment returns.


We would not engage in any activities which goes against the interest of the community and society at large. We would continue to realize our social responsibilities towards the community through participation and social welfare programmes for a cleaner environment.