Chairman Merit Packaging Limited

“Businesses should embrace sustainability not as a marketing tool but as an opportunity to redefine the operational boundaries and providing competitive advantage.”

Our world, in which we live, is confronted today with many challenges of severe nature such as; poverty, ageing and ever increasing population, rising global temperatures and many more, but resources are increasingly getting limited. Therefore, sustainable developments offer the best chance to adjust our course and to live within our means under these trying circumstances. It is key to our survival and is an essential part of our corporate culture and an integral part of our strategic plans. As such we will continue to focus on a comprehensive agenda to find ways to support sustainable growth that benefits economies, environment, society and helps in building a successful business through good governance. Sustainability reporting will provide an opportunity to reflect on the journey of growth and on how we integrate sustainable working across our business to align steps with global endeavors on sustainability.

I am particularly pleased with the initiatives taken by Merit Packaging Limited to integrate values of sustainability embedded in all their activities to create value for all stake holders: that include financial value for their shareholders and investors as well as broader value for the society in which they operate.


CEO Merit Packaging Limited

“The passion and commitment of our people remains a key driving force to our success…”

Sustainability shapes the way we conduct our business and interact with all our stakeholders – customers, colleagues, shareholders, suppliers and the communities around us.

Our vision, strategic objectives and core values underpinned by our Mission and Guiding Principles are closely integrated in all of our policies, procedures, decision-making processes and operations while our “can-do” attitude and continuous improvement methods make us the company that we are today.

We have a broad customer base and we are continuously endeavoring to build it further. With clearly defined objective and targets we try to appropriately address the sustainability risks and opportunities facing our business and our stakeholders. This report provides details of our social and economic performance in addition to environmental results.

Our profitable operations give us the ability to further invest in operations and enhance printing and packaging services for our customers. Profitability and sustainability must go hand in hand as we cannot succeed without aligning our business needs with the needs of our customers, consumers, employees and the society in at large.

Merit Packaging employees possess a determination and “can-do” attitude that push us to reach ever higher standards and goals each year.