Merit Packaging Ltd

For folding Cartons and POS material, facility for Laminating, Hot Foil; Stamping and Die Cutting is available. We have automatic high speed Cutting Creasing Machines with stripping units to help in timely deliveries of products.

Folding cartons are delivered in two forms i.e., in flats and glued cartons. Printed flats for tea and cigarettes are formed on customer’s filling machines. While some of the packing materials are printed, due enhancements done, cut, creased and embossed and delivered in flat form, whereas, other cartons are folded and glued on high speed folding gluing machines, some of which are equipped with electronically synchronised gluing guns for certain intricate jobs.

For flexible packaging, appropriate lamination, to provide required strength, and sealing properties, as per customer requirement, is done on solvent less laminator machine. The product is thoroughly checked for quality variations under Strobe lighting system and finally slit to desired width.

Care is taken in selection of inks as per customer’s given parameters.